Unlisted Shares

A startup might require funding for one, a few, or all of the following purposes. It is important that an entrepreneur is clear about why they are raising funds. Founders should have a detailed financial and business plan before they approach investors.

Madbow Ventures - 1,000 Shares

Pre-IPO funds are funds that invest in late-stage companies looking to go public (list on the public stock exchange) in the near future. These funds typically invest in private companies that have already raised capital from private investors and have a proven business model with strong fundamentals

Api Holdings Limited (PharmEasy)
₹ 98.00
Arohan Financial Services
₹ 245.00
Bharat Hotels
₹ 215.00
₹ 1,290.00
Capital Small Finance
₹ 350.00
ESDS Software Solution Ltd.
₹ 400.00
Fincare Business Services Ltd
₹ 95.00
Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd.
₹ 255.00
Fino Paytech Limited
₹ 265.00
Five-Star Business Finance Limited
₹ 725.00
Lava Mobile
₹ 205.00
Le Travenues Technology Limited (IXIGO)
₹ 194.00
Medi Assist Healthcare Services (NSDL only)
₹ 380.00
National Stock Exchange (NSDL only)
₹ 3,600.00
One Mobikwik System Ltd
₹ 910.00
Oravel Stays Ltd. (OYO)
₹ 138.00
Ring Plus Aqua Limited - (NSDL Only)
₹ 425.00
Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd
₹ 1,290.00
Studds Accessories Limited
₹ 1,685.00
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
₹ 645.00
Utkarsh Coreinvest Ltd
₹ 210.00

Upcoming IPO’s are the company’s which have a strong business base and wide spread of their goods and services through a good customer level. They are willing to expand their business operations to meet the increasing customer demands. So they decide to go public to fulfill their CAPEX need in return for their company’s equity.

Bagrrys India Limited
₹ 1,990.00
Bikaji Foods International Ltd.
₹ 515.00
Care Health - (Religare)
₹ 220.00
Goa Shipyard Limited
₹ 302.00
HDB Financial Services Limited
₹ 930.00
ICL Fincorp
₹ 32.00
John Oakey & Mohan Ltd
₹ 258.00
Kannur International Airport
₹ 138.00
Kusum Industrial Gas
₹ 645.00
Merind Ltd.
₹ 395.00
Metropolitan Stock Exchange
₹ 1.42
PNB Metlife (NSDL only)
₹ 62.00
Reliance Retail
₹ 3,400.00

Delisted shares refer to the shares of a listed company that have been removed from the stock exchange permanently for buying and selling purposes. That means delisted shares will no longer be traded on the stock exchanges – National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

Arch Pharmalabs
₹ 120.00
Badra Estates & Industries Limited (NSDL Only)
₹ 1,345.00
Bateli Tea Co Ltd.
₹ 752.00
Bellary Steel
₹ 3.60
Bharat Nidhi
₹ 12,200.00
Birla Power Solutions Ltd.
₹ 4.00
Blossom Industries
₹ 135.00
Bombay Swadeshi Stores Limited
₹ 420.00
Capgemini Technology Services India Limited
₹ 14,000.00
Carol Info Services Limited
₹ 270.00
Carrier Air Conditioning
₹ 350.00
CTR Manufacturing Industries Limited
₹ 16,125.00
DGP Securities Ltd.
₹ 162.00
Eaton Fluid
₹ 364.00
₹ 38.00
Electrosteel Steels Limited
₹ 70.00
Fairfield Atlas Limited
₹ 345.00
Genomics Biotech Ltd
₹ 20.00
GKN Driveline
₹ 1,345.00
Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd
₹ 3.00
Hella India Lighting Ltd.
₹ 203.00
Hexaware Technologies
₹ 710.00
Hicks Thermometers India Limited (CDSL only)
₹ 2,688.00
Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd
₹ 130.00
IKF Finance Ltd.
₹ 108.00
Indofil Industries
₹ 860.00
₹ 14.00
₹ 14.00
Jord Engineers India Ltd (NSDL only)
₹ 3.00
Kamarhatty Company Ltd. (NSDL only)
₹ 105.00
Kingfisher Airlines Ltd.
₹ 3.35
Lakeshore Hospital And Research Centre Ltd.
₹ 46.00
Lj International Ltd
₹ 485.00
Lotte India Corporation Ltd.
₹ 440.00
Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills (NSDL only)
₹ 160.00
Maharashtra Knowledge of Corporation
₹ 680.00
Minosha India Ltd.
₹ 405.00
Mysore Paper Mills Ltd
₹ 20.00
Nayara Energy
₹ 238.00
Nilliampathy Tea & Produce Company
₹ 538.00
Otis Elevators
₹ 4,400.00
Phillips India
₹ 1,400.00
Rathi Steel and Power Ltd.
₹ 33.00
SAN Engineering Ltd.
₹ 700.00
Softech Infinium Solutions Ltd.
₹ 3.00
Taparia Tools Limited
₹ 2,150.00
Vajresh Consultants Ltd
₹ 215.00

Liquidation is the process of bringing a business to an end and distributing its assets to claimants. It is an event that usually occurs when a company is insolvent, meaning it cannot pay its obligations when they are due. General partners are subject to liquidation.

Asiatic Oxygen
₹ 3,225.00
SBI Home Finance Ltd
₹ 76.00

The SME platform of the Exchange is intended for small and medium sized companies with high growth potential. The SME platform of the Exchange shall be open for SMEs whose post issue paid up capital shall be less than or equal to Rs.25 crores. The platform is expected to offer a new and alternate asset class to informed investors having longer investment horizon. The platform shall allow new, early stage ventures and small quality companies to raise much needed growth capital as they grow, mature and transit to the Exchanges’ main board.

₹ 63.00
Amol Dicalite
₹ 720.00
Anglo French Drug & Industries Ltd.
₹ 900.00
APL Metals Ltd
₹ 60.00
Assam Carbon
₹ 265.00
Auckland International Limited
₹ 155.00
Bhatkawa Tea Industries Ltd.
₹ 245.00
Camac Commercial Company Limited
₹ 45,150.00
Dalmia Refactories
₹ 865.00
Deepak Industries
₹ 1,720.00
Dhelakat Tea Co Ltd.
₹ 76.00
Frick India Ltd.
₹ 5,350.00
Gobind Sugar Mills Limited
₹ 146.00
Inox Leasing and Finance Limited
₹ 1,615.00
Methoni Tea Company Ltd.
₹ 215.00
Mil Industries Limited
₹ 240.00
Milton Cycle (NSDL only)
₹ 200.00
Mohindra Fasteners Limited
₹ 312.00
PCI Papers Limited
₹ 12.00
PNB Finance & Industries Limited
₹ 7,955.00
Rathi Industries Ltd.
₹ 38.00
Rydak Syndicate Ltd (NSDL only)
₹ 580.00
Sigachi Laboratories Limited
₹ 54.00
Webfil Limited - (NSDL Only)
₹ 110.00

A trading halt is a temporary suspension of trading for a particular security or securities at one exchange or across numerous exchanges. Trading halts are typically enacted in anticipation of a news announcement, to correct an order imbalance, as a result of a technical glitch, or due to regulatory concerns

Eastern Investments Ltd.
₹ 1,075.00
Eastern Sugar And Industries Ltd.
₹ 11.00
Elcid Investment Ltd.
₹ 1,45,150.00
India Carbon
₹ 1,452.00
Panasonic AVC Networks India
₹ 38.00
Parry Agro
₹ 2,688.00
Prudential Sugar Corporation Ltd
₹ 20.00
Silverline Technologies Limited
₹ 17.00

A secondary sale is a sale by an existing stockholder to a third-party purchaser, the proceeds of which benefit the selling stockholder. This is in contrast to a “primary” issuance, in which the company is selling its stock to an investor and using the proceeds for corporate purposes.

A V Thomas & Co. Limited₹ 14,835.00
Ab corp Ltd.₹ 12.00
Abacus Computers Ltd.₹ 12.00
Ahmedabad Stock Exchange – (NSDL Only)₹ 60.00
Aikyam Intellectual Property Consultancy Ltd.₹ 12.00
Alpic Finance Ltd.₹ 3.00
Amalgamation Repco Ltd.₹ 525.00
Anand I-Power Limited₹ 33.00
Anugraha Valve Casting₹ 418.00
Aricent Technologies₹ 780.00
Arkfin Investments Private Limited₹ 54.00
Arraycom India Ltd.₹ 115.00
Asian Bearings Ltd.₹ 4.00
Auckland jute (CDSL only)₹ 65.00
Avalokiteshvar Valinv Ltd.₹ 385.00
Axels India₹ 178.00
Balmer Lawrie Van Leer Ltd.₹ 220.00
Bangalore Stock Exchange Ltd.₹ 20.00
Bazaar India (Mayasheel Retail)₹ 80.00
Bharat NRE Coke Limited₹ 8.00
Bhuvan Tripura Industries Ltd.₹ 1.90
Bira B9 Beverages Limited – (NSDL Only)₹ 950.00
Birla Cotsyn India Ltd.₹ 185.00
Bombay Gas Company Limited (NSDL Only)₹ 86.00
Bormahjan Tea₹ 1,185.00
C&S Electric Limited₹ 538.00
Calcutta Stock Exchange₹ 860.00
Cals Refineries Ltd.₹ 0.30
Canara Sales Corporation Ltd. (NSDL only)₹ 35.00
Canara Workshops Ltd. (NSDL only)₹ 106.00
Chennai Super Kings₹ 204.00
Cochin International Airport (NSDL only)₹ 202.00
Core Healthcare Ltd. (Coreparent)₹ 11.00
Cremica (NSDL Only)₹ 49.00
Crest Animation Studios Ltd.₹ 6.00
Crosslay Remedies Limited₹ 82.00
Dalmia Laminators Ltd₹ 365.00
Delhi Stock Exchange₹ 16.00
Deys Medical Stores (Mfg) Ltd. (NSDL only)₹ 484.00
Digvijay Finlease (NSDL Only)₹ 2,420.00
Down Town Hospital Limited (NSDL only)₹ 140.00
DSQ Biotech Ltd.₹ 6.00
East India Pharma₹ 78.00
Elofic Industries Limited (NSDL Only)₹ 2,650.00
Empire Spices and Foods Limited₹ 445.00
Encore Software Ltd.₹ 11.00
Epiroc Minning India Ltd.₹ 1,585.00
Era Infra Engineering Ltd.₹ 6.00
Gandhar oil refinery₹ 195.00
Ganon Products Ltd.₹ 1,935.00
Geodesic Ltd.₹ 1.00
Guindy machine tools Ltd.₹ 215.00
HDFC Securities Limited₹ 17,500.00
Hemadri Cement Ltd.₹ 70.00
Hero Fincorp Limited₹ 1,035.00
Hindustan Times (NSDL Only)₹ 925.00
Hindusthan Engineering & Industries Limited₹ 270.00
Honeywell Electrical Devices₹ 4,250.00
Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited₹ 1,07,500.00
Indian Commodity Stock Exchange₹ 9.50
Indian Potash₹ 1,185.00
Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd.₹ 70.00
Indo Alusys Industries Ltd.₹ 33.00
Infinium Precious Resources Ltd (NSDL Only)₹ 2.00
Inox Air Products Ltd.₹ 15,000.00
Jessop & Co Ltd₹ 18.00
JK Cotton Ltd.₹ 88.00
Jotindra Steel & Tubes Ltd.₹ 80.00
Kesoram Textile Mills Ltd.₹ 6.00
Kitply Industries Limited₹ 7.00
Krishna Continental Ltd.₹ 48.00
Kurlon Enterprises₹ 748.00
Kurlon limited₹ 592.00
Madras Stock Exchange₹ 12.90
Malayalam Communications Limited (CDSL only)₹ 32,250.00
Manipal Syndicate housing₹ 95.00
Manjushree Plantations Ltd.₹ 33.00
Manjushree Technopark₹ 1,345.00
Market Simplified India Ltd.₹ 62.00
Martin & Harris Laboratories – NSDL Only₹ 2,800.00
Maxvalue Credits And Investmnts Ltd.₹ 11.00
Merino₹ 3,710.00
Midland Micro Finance₹ 152.00
Mohan Meakin Limited₹ 1,300.00
Motherson Sumi Electric Wires Ltd.₹ 100.00
Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited₹ 15.15
MSE Financial Services Ltd.₹ 12.00
MTZ Polyesters Ltd.₹ 3.00
Naga Ltd₹ 528.00
National Cereals Products Ltd.₹ 120.00
National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd.₹ 377.00
NCL Buildtek₹ 285.00
NCL Holdings (A&S) Limited₹ 78.00
Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd (NSDL Only)₹ 65.00
Panasonic Appliances₹ 242.00
Paras Petrofils Ltd.₹ 1.40
PB Global Limited (CDSL only)₹ 54.00
PG Electroplast Ltd.₹ 4,838.00
Pharmax Corporation Ltd.₹ 22.00
Pharmed Ltd.₹ 440.00
Philips Domestic Appliances India Limited₹ 700.00
Phillips Lighting – Signify₹ 1,130.00
Premier Cryogenics Ltd.₹ 232.00
Pretto Leather Industries Ltd.₹ 3.20
Proyuga Tech – (NSDL Only)₹ 26.00
Puthutotam Estates (1943) Ltd.₹ 807.00
Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills₹ 828.00
Resin & Plastics₹ 440.00
Richfeel Health And Beauty Private Limited₹ 8,600.00
Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd.₹ 215.00
Roots Multiclean₹ 3,060.00
Sabmiller Beer₹ 452.00
Sangameshwar Coffee Estates Ltd (CDSL only)₹ 315.00
Satya Microcapital Ltd.₹ 270.00
Schneider Electric President Systems Ltd.₹ 305.00
Scottish Assam (India) limited₹ 700.00
Shivalik Agro Poly Products Ltd.₹ 1,610.00
Shriram Life₹ 380.00
SICOM (NSDL only)₹ 78.00
Simpson and Company Limited (NSDL only)₹ 53,75,000.00
Sistema Smart Technologies Ltd.₹ 5.00
Smaash Entertainment (NSDL only)₹ 22.00
Smile Microfinance – (NSDL Only)₹ 84.00
Spencer & Company Ltd.₹ 968.00
Sri Chamundeswari Sugars Ltd.₹ 41.00
Sri Jayalakshmi Spinning Mills Ltd.₹ 11.00
Sri Kannapiran Mills Ltd₹ 164.00
Sri Sarvaraya Sugars Ltd.₹ 2,678.00
Sri Vishnu Shankar Mills Ltd.₹ 765.00
Srichakra Cement Ltd₹ 68.00
Subh Tex India Ltd.₹ 7.50
T Stanes₹ 748.00
Tata Technologies Limited₹ 6,500.00
Tongani Tea Co Ltd₹ 1,615.00
Transformers & Electricals Kerala Limited₹ 82.00
Trinethra Infra Ventures Ltd.₹ 2.00
Trl Krosaki Refractories Limited₹ 1,668.00
Tulya Alloy Castings Ltd.₹ 35.00
UB Engineering Ltd.₹ 5.00
Vikram Solar Ltd.₹ 400.00
Wintac Ltd.₹ 460.00
Xerox India Limited₹ 180.00

Share price may vary according to the market demand.**

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